Tuesday, September 23, 2014

College Football Rankings Now Available

Betting market rankings for college football are now available (and will update daily). As I did with my NFL rankings, I have moved these to a new home which will hopefully be more stable. Here is the link: College Football Betting Market Rankings.

All of the features outlined in this post are back: Generic Points Favored (total, offense, defense), projected wins, and strength of schedule rankings (both past and future). Some observations:

  • Oregon currently tops the week 5 rankings, but not by much. The top six teams are all within a couple points of each other (Oregon, Alabama, Baylor, Auburn, Florida State, and Oklahoma)
  • I have Marshall at a 50/50 shot of going undefeated in the regular season (not counting the Conference USA championship game).
  • SEC teams occupy ten of the top 24 spots in these rankings.

For those doing their own research/handicapping, there is also a link to a Google Docs version of the rankings (includes all teams, not just the top 50).


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