The Ticker - NBA and NFL Versions Now Available

The Ticker is now available for both the 2012 NFL season and the 2012-2013 NBA season.  The Ticker is a feature I first launched for the NBA back in March of this year.  The purpose of this feature is to display how each team's Generic Points Favored (GPF) has changed as the season has progressed.  My GPF ranking can be thought of (almost literally) as the stock price of a team, so the Ticker tracks that movement over time, as a standard stock ticker would.


I just have one chart for the NFL, displaying total team GPF.  As you can see, the movement is fairly noisy from day to day, but some overall patterns are fairly clear.  You can see how the market's faith in Arizona has slowly bled away over the past two months.  Or how Denver's stock has continued to rise as Peyton Manning has put to rest any doubts about his ability to return from injury.


There are three charts for the NBA:
  • GPF - Same as the NFL, an area chart showing day to day movement in team Generic Points Favored.  It's pretty early in the season, so there's not a whole lot of movement.
  • GPF+oGPF+dGPF - This chart displays team GPF along with its offensive and defensive components: oGPF and dGPF.
  • GOU - Stands for Generic Over/Under.  This is what you would expect the betting over/under to be when playing a league average team.  This is a function of offense, defense, and pace.  For comparison, the graph also displays the league average over/under (AOU).

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