Ranking Table - Mouseovers

In my ongoing effort to crowd 10 pounds of data into a 5 pound bag, I've added some mouseovers to my NFL and NCAA Football rankings that provide additional layers of drill-down for the numbers I'm reporting.

NFL Tables

  • Last Week - If you mouse over the "LstWk" sparkline for each team, you'll see the actual daily GPF (Generic Points Favored) numbers for the team going back 7 days.
  • Projected Wins - Mouse over the bar graph for the numerical win total probabilities.  For example, as of November 5, the Falcons have a 3% chance of going 16-0 in the regular season, according to my simulations.
  • Strength of Schedule - The SOS columns on the far right summarize the average GPF of each team's opponents, split by opponents already faced and opponents remaining on the schedule.  Mouse over the number for the week by week detail.  As an example, the Broncos have the easiest remaining schedule as of November 5, with an opponent average GPF of -2.3 points.  Mousing over that number shows that only one of Denver's remaining 8 games comes against a team with an above average GPF.

NCAA Football Tables

  • GPF - I only keep track of the NCAA Football rankings on a weekly basis (I started too late to get a proper daily database of lines).  Mouse over each team's GPF sparkline for the week to week GPF numbers.
  • Projected Wins - Same as the NFL above.
  • Strength of Schedule - Coming soon
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