New Feature - The Ticker - Updated Daily

Edison Stock Telegraph TickerThis is the first of what I hope is many enhancements to this site that provide more transparency and interactivity.

The rankings on this site can be thought of (almost literally) as the stock price of each team.  They're a reflection of where people are putting their money.  To carry that stock analogy further, I've used Google's Visualization API to create The Ticker (link - also see above).  It allows you to see how each team has progressed throughout the season.  

There is a dropdown at the top of the page that allows you to select a team.  Once a team is selected, two charts are generated.  The first shows the team's Generic Points Favored (GPF) over the course of the season.  The second shows the team's Generic Over Under (GOU) over the course of the season, compared to the league average.

A few observations:
  • The Magic appear to have fully recovered from their early February swoon.  They hit bottom on Feb. 6, but have since climbed back up to their earlier ranking of 4 GPF.
  • The Knicks continue to climb.  Their GPF is now at 1.3 (hover over the line for the detail).
  • The Heat have clearly separated themselves from the rest of the league, and that shows up plainly in the chart.
As indicated in the post title, these graphs will be updated daily with the latest game results and betting lines.  There's still some kinks to work out as far as formatting, but the basic structure is there.  I plan on adding prior seasons soon, as well as daily rankings in table form.

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