Playoff Seed Probability Motion Charts

With an 82 game season, an NBA team's fortunes then to ebb and flow in increments, rather than huge leaps. This gradual evolution can make for some interesting motion-chart visualizations. For example, there is Aaron Barzilai's animation of the Warriors pursuit of the single season wins record. Or this visualization of the evolution of the win percentage of the NBA's top four teams.

And as I have done the last couple seasons, here are motion charts that show how each team's playoff seed probabilities have evolved and shifted over the 2015-16 season. The probabilities are calculated using my NBA Vegas rankings, which update daily and re-project the remainder of the season and resulting playoff seeds. Time permitting, I will update the chart with the latest results, up until the end of the regular season. Just check back at this same post.

How to use this chart (flash based, not mobile friendly):

Step 1: Select a team: 
Step 2: Wait for chart to load
Step 3: Click Play button at bottom left of chart

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