Playoff Seed Motion Charts return for the NBA

2015-04-15: Note, it appears that I had one of the tiebreaker scenarios incorrect (for the top 4 seeds, a non-division winner always loses the tiebreaker to a division winner. These charts overestimated the Clippers' chances at a two seed).

My NBA betting market rankings are published daily, and with each version I use those rankings to simulate the remainder of the regular season and summarize playoff seed probabilities. As I did last year, I have loaded those daily probabilities into an interactive motion chart that summarizes the evolution of each team's season:
  • In mid-December, the Atlanta Hawks are a solid 3/4/5 seed. Just a month later, they have a chokehold on the Eastern Conference top seed.
  • The Indiana Pacers have spent the entire season straddling that Playoffs-Lottery line. We'll see if the return of Paul George can tip the scales in their favor.
  • Masochistically-inclined fans of the Phoenix Suns can relive the month of February - the month their playoff hopes slowly blinked out of existence.
How to use this chart (flash based, not mobile friendly):

Step 1: Select a team: 
Step 2: Wait for chart to load
Step 3: Click Play button at bottom left of chart

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