Top Game Finder for the NBA

Top. Games.
As I mentioned yesterday, win probability graphs are now available for the 2012-13 NBA season. For the lazy among you that don't want to cycle through all 2500+ games one by one, I have created a tool that helps you find the top games of the past two seasons: the Top Game Finder (as with far too many features on this site, I got the idea from Advanced Football Analytics).

Excitement, Comebacks, and MVP's

The top dropdown menu offers three options for sorting games:
  • Excitement: This option will sort games by top value of the excitement index. The excitement index measures how far the win probability graph "travels" over the course of the game.
  • Comeback: This option will sort games by the comeback factor, which is the winning team's odds at their lowest point in the game. My win probability estimates only go down to the 4th decimal place, so any winning teams with a win probability of < 0.0001 show up with a comeback factor of "9999+".
  • MVP Performance: Win probability added (WPA) can be apportioned at the player level (see here for more information). I designate the player with the highest WPA in a game as the MVP. This option will sort games by the top MVP performance in terms of total WPA.
There are a variety of filtering options: by season, by team, by regular season/playoffs (or both), and by date.

A Sampling of Top Games

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