NBA Playoff Seed Probabilities - In Motion

This post is an updated version of a feature I published last year on NBA playoff seed probabilities. My daily ranking table features a bar graph for each team, summarizing their playoff (and lottery) seeding probabilities, where the probabilities come from a Monte Carlo simulation.

Improbably, I had the foresight to archive each day's playoff projections, which I can now turn into a dynamic motion chart. The bar graph below shows how each team's playoff chances have evolved on a daily basis, from early November all the way to the All Star break.

By mid-December, the Pacers had already locked up a one or two seed, while the Bucks were already out of playoff contention. The Trailblazers began the season as a likely #9 seed, but are now a lock for the playoffs and a good bet for a #2 or #3 seed.

Step 1: Select a team:
Step 2: Wait for chart to load
Step 3: Click Play button at bottom left of chart
Step 4: Experience the drama, the spectacle, the pageantry that is the NBA regular season.

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