Playoff Seeding Motion Charts - All Teams

Earlier this week, I posted a motion chart showing how the Lakers' playoff seeding probabilities evolved day by day since the All Star break.  The probabilities come from my daily simulations of the remainder of the regular season, added as part of my daily team rankings in February.

With the regular season now finished, I have added all teams, accessible via the dropdown below.  Each bar represents the team's probability, as of that date, of achieving that playoff seed.

The Lakers, Rockets, and Jazz show the most movement in their probabilities, especially for the last couple weeks of the season.  The Heat's chart is interesting in a Zen kind of way.

Step 1: Select a team:
Step 2: Wait for chart to load
Step 3: Click Play button at bottom left of chart
Step 4: Relive the regular season drama as intended: with bar charts.

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