NFL Rankings - Now Updated Daily

There is no shortage of NFL power rankings from which to choose these days, of varying quality and usefulness.  One unique feature of the rankings I publish here is that they can actually be updated daily.  Standard stat-based NFL rankings need to wait for new data to be updated, with most of that data coming on Sunday.  Since my rankings are based on the point spreads, which update continuously (much in the same way that stock prices do), I can run these daily in an effort to take the pulse of the market.

The purpose of this post is to announce that the daily rankings for the NFL are now up and running.  A few notes on the ranking table:


  • LstWk - The team's ranking as of a week ago. There is a corresponding sparkline to show how the team's GPF moved through the course of the prior seven days.
  • GPF - Stands for Generic Points Favored.  It is what you would expect a team to be favored by against a league average team at a neutral site.  This is derived from the point spreads assigned to each matchup, with preferential weight given to more recent games.  The corresponding sparkline shows how the team's rank has progressed throughout the season.
  • oGPF - Stands for Offensive Generic Points Favored.  It's the component of a team's GPF that is attributable to its ability to score points.  I can derive this by using the over/under in conjunction with the point spread.  Note that the sparklines for both oGPF and dGPF look flat early on because I did not have enough betting over/unders to generate a proper ranking (point spreads are usually released before over/unders).
  • dGPF - Stands for Defensive Generic Points Favored.  It's the component of a team's GPF that is attributable to its ability to prevent the other team from scoring points.
  • W-L - The team's win-loss record.  Note that the top 2 teams (NE and GB) are currently at 1-2.
  • ANS - The team ranking according to the Advanced NFL Stats Team Efficiency model.  In an overcrowded marketplace of NFL power rankings, one of the few that's worth paying attention to.
Next steps are to add in The Ticker and Today's Games features that have been a part of my coverage of MLB and the NBA (and some cleanup of the formatting - Blogger's made some recent changes that are making things difficult for me).

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