The Ticker - Updated Features

I have restructured the Ticker feature of this blog to (hopefully) make the data easier to view and navigate.

  • I have separated the various charts into their own pages
  • I added a GPF-only graph because I felt that the old format was masking the GPF movement with the additional oGPF and dGPF lines (this old format is still accessible under the "GPF+oGPF+dGPF" link)
  • I added a Generic Win Probability (GWP) graph, which just converts the GPF graph into a win probability scale
  • The Generic Over/Under (GOU) graph has been split out into its own page
  • There is now a link to the rankings in table form, which is updated daily.  It has all the metrics I provide in my weekly blog post of the rankings
  • There are placeholders for other sports and prior seasons.  I hope to have those live soon

new version of the Ticker: link
background: original launch
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